Never an Excuse for Abuse

In the Philippines, many parents use corporal punishment to discipline their children thinking it’s an effective way to teach good behavior. However, the truth is that discipline is not an excuse for abuse. Physically hurting and humiliating a child to teach right from wrong is not only ineffective; it also violates the child’s right to protection.

Save the Children believes it is time to introduce a more effective and non-violent way of disciplining children. By signing the petition for the passage of a bill prohibiting corporal punishment including humiliating and degrading punishment of children you are helping transform Filipino families everywhere by allowing them to build a safer and violence-free future for their children.

Legal Prohibition of Corporal Punishment

We all want a society that respects the rights of every individual, and that values and raises children in a peaceful and non-violent environment. Supporting the passage of a law that would prohibit the practice corporal or physical and humiliating punishment of children will help change the Filipinos’ punitive attitude towards child-rearing. Such a law would provide parents and other caregivers the necessary programs and services to support the goal of disciplining children while at the same time building and strengthening the bond between parents/caregivers/teachers and the child.